Spring is almost back

Here I am with a new project suitable for spring days. Unfortunately in recent months I have been buried in the winter torpor and my creativity and desire to share my sewing projects suffered a little. However, I realized something that I will show soon, as soon as I will be able to take decent pictures.
The skirt shown above is short and straight with divergent folds placed on the front that recall the shape of a tulip. It is very comfortable to wear because it is made of a stretch cotton sateen, which I purchased locally, and it does not squeeze nor goes up, as I walk like tight stretch skirts often do. I decided to make it quite short to give the skirt a fresh and not too serious appearence, but I just let extra fabric folded inside the hem, in case I changed my mind wearing it at the office …
The skirt has an invisible zipper on the left side. The pattern I used is Perle De Nacre by the talented Ivanne Soufflet, of whom I absolutely adore all designs, it is from the book “Grains de couture hommes et femmes”, the same used to make the Pink Grapefruit skirt.
Mindful of what happened with Opal pattern, the pattern I used to make Pink Grapefruit skirt, i.e. that it came out too wide, this time I sewed up a 38 size, but I gradually adjusted it at the waist to a 40 size. In fact after sewing a muslim I noticed that it was too tight at the waist  (that means it’s time to loose some extra weight I gained during the winter).

Talking about future sewing project, I have, as usual, so many ideas of new projects to make, maybe even too many, not to mention the piles of fabric stored in my closet, waiting to be cut and sewn, sewers know what I mean … but for the near future I have a very important project waiting for me, and it is prioritarie: an elegant dress for the “Sister of the Bride” role, I have to sew it by the end of April. I already have the fabric and I decided the pattern I am going to use, now I just have to run to sew.