Giving handmade pajamas for Christmas

Last Christmas I sewed two pajamas for my kids. It was plenty of time that I wanted to do it, but could not find the time. My idea was to make them in a beautiful organic cotton flannel, to keep the children warm and snuggled with a special homemade gift from their mom.

About Christmas presents my kids know that is Santa Claus who brings gifts to children who have been good, but I explained them that at Christmas time some adults often want to give something to other people to express their gratitude or love.

I used fabrics made by American designers which I bought online, because despite beautiful and of very good quality fabrics are produced in my country, they are not sold in fabric stores located in Italy, for retail.

For my two years old child I made Oliver and S bedtime story pajamas using Urban Zoologie Lions Nature flannel by Ann Kelle for Robert Kaufman .

For the older kid, who is six, I sewed the sleepover pajamas pattern, from Oliver and S too, with the organic cotton flannel “Jumbrella” by Birch.

The first is a kimono pattern quite easy to sew, as a matter of fact the pattern pieces are all rectangles sewn together, with a strip around the neck and two bands at the ankles, while the other one is a little more difficult to sew, as it has front pockets, buttonholes and facings. Is also has cuffs turned-ut on wrists and bands at the ankles that can be unrolled as the child grows (which is a really good idea, because it allows the pajamas to last longer). Step by step sewing directions for both patterns are very clear and easy to follow, because they are fully illustrated. I really love all Oliver and S patterns for their retro style, they are available both printed and PDF.

I’m happy with the choice of bedtime story pajamas for the younger kid because he is so cute in his in “karate uniform”, while the older boy has a look of a serious little man in his sleepover pajamas with front pockets.

I must confess, though, that I was not able to put the pajamas under the Christmas tree, but I gave my kids immediately after the holidays when it was still  cold enough to wear and enjoy them.